Horizontally Backwards (and other lines)

Between 2011 and 2014, I began experimenting with the idea of a journey as a performance, and experimenting with docu-narrative video styles. For many years, I have been fascinated by hitch-hiking as a form of travel and the possibility that it offers to create unexpected encounters, and meetings with people that I would not normally have had the chance to meet. I decided to start documenting the stories of people that I met on my hitch hiking journeys, and to juxtapose those stories to landscape that they came from. "Europe: The Garden: Diagonally Backwards" is a slideshow video about a series of journeys in 'straight' lines, to create a triangle across Europe over a period of 9 months in 2012. The video is a compilation of stories about the lives and perspectives of strangers that I met on the road, told through a personal narrative. The stories are set against a backdrop bleak landscapes and 'non-places' such as gas stations and road sides - places which gain significance through the stories that are told. In 2014 I made a subsequent film "Horizontally Backwards" about a journey along the USA/Canada border, and down to New Orleans, also by hitch hiking. The film was produced for 'Colonized' Exhibition at 3rd on 3rd gallery, Jamestown, New York. "Landscapes of the in-between" is a work made for the Anonymous Lives exhibition at Batman University, about a journey from Berlin to Batman and was presented as a performance lecture.

An article I wrote for Livinmaps Review about Horizontally Backwards can be found here http://livingmaps.review/journal/index.php/LMR/article/view/76/141

Horizontally Backwards - A journey along the USA/Canada border. (video - 44 minutes) (2014)


Europe: The Garden (Diagonally Backwards). A journey in a triangle around Europe (video - 25 minutes) (2012)

Walking to the end of the world (2012)

Walking to the end of the world (2012)


Landscapes of the in-between. A Performance lecture made into a slideshow about a journey from Berlin to Batman. Presented as a performance lecture at Annonymous Lives Exhibition, Batman University gallery, Curated by Seckin Aydin. (video - 8 minutes) (2014)