Looking for Habiba (2015)

In 1975, my father went to Tunisia with a group of friends in a campervan. Their van broke down on the outskirts of Tunis when a local mechanic invited him and his friends to stay with his family while he fixed their van. My father later returned to Tunisia to visit the same family for a few weeks and vowed to remain in contact, but over the years lost the connection and also their contacts.

As a child, I remember my father telling this story and had seen the photographs of this trip many times, wishing one day to travel like that too. After being invited to Tunis to be be artist in residence at Twiza, I decided to see if I could find the family that my father had stayed with 40 years before. I knew some of the first names from a handful of photographs, and a vague address which no longer existed. I enlisted the help of some Tunisian friends to see if I could track down this family by asking around.  

Stills from video 'Looking for Habiba' 2015