I Live Here
A project for Grassroots Community Centre, Newham, London (2011)

During the course of a month long exhibition at the Grassroots centre, I created a site specificwork exploring the intimacy of domestic spaces and the voices which inhabit them. I invited visitors to the exhibition and local residents to participate by taking photograph of the inside of their home and to make a sound recording of their voice saying the phrase "I live here".

This is our house
 for Basement Arts Project. Leeds. (2011)

Basement Arts Project is arts centre located in the basement of a terraced house in Leeds. Bruce Davies and his family are the curators and organisers of various exhibitions and events held in their basement, and have for many years been collaborators and friends of mine. To mark the opening of Basement Arts Project, I worked with them to make a performance installation which reflected on the nature of the project - the interplay between art and home. I built a scale model of the house and on a small screen on what would be the wall of the living room, a video of the family messing around on the couch. The video was accompanied by a sound track of their voices saying the words "This is our house". Once the guests arrived at the house for the opening of the exhibition, they had their photograph taken, and an audio recording was made of their voice saying the phrase "I am in this house" . The photographs were hung on little strings and the sound of their voices could be heard from speakers around the room, mingling with the voices of the family from inside the little model house.