I live in a house made of paper next to a frozen sea (2012)

During a one month residency for Performance Art in Norrbotten, Lulea, Sweden. I wrapped the inside of an apartment in brown paper and invited local people from the town, one at a time to spend a night with me. I asked my visitors to write or draw on the walls, to share their secrets and memories, and to find out what ‘home’ meant to them. Throughout the month, the walls became covered in messages, traces of those who had been there, food stains and smells. At the end of the month, I invited all of those people who I had invited into the apartment to come back to help me unwrap it. Together, we tore down the paper, and carried it out to the frozen sea. We set fire to it as a symbolic act of closure and to mark the beginning of the next thing.

Waiting for you (2010)

For Oerol festival, Terschelling Island, Netherlands, I set up my tent in the remote dunes on the Eastern end of the island. An invitation was made for each evening one person to make the journey alone and to visit me at my campsite, to spend the evening sharing a dinner and stories. The stranger, who would become a friend, would be asked to look for someone the next day to come to visit me to have the same experience. I would wait on the beach at 6pm, waiting for you to come.

You and me and me and me and me (Vibe Gallery, London. 2011)

A one on one performance about childhood memories and drawings. You are sitting with me, at a table surrounded by puppets with my face and a portrait of me from 1989 as a 3 year old. On the table are a selection of drawings that I made as a child and a drawing of the house I grew up in. You listen to a story through headphones about my memories of that time, of my family and my brother's birth. The stories become illustrated by the childish characters in the drawings. At the end I turn to you, and ask you to remember the place you came from, by drawing a picture of your childhood home.