Waiting for a new life (2015)

As part of a series of works focusing on migration issues during an artist in residence project at Batman University, (Eastern Turkey), I worked with a group of Yezidi refugees who fled from ISIS in Iraq and were living in an unregistered camp in Batman town centre. The work stemmed from an apparent need for alternative forms of representation of the refugee crisis, to go beyond sensational images of suffering and sadness to show a more 'human' perspective, or mundane daily reality for those who are 'between' one life and another. The photographs in this series are taken by the refugees themselves on disposable cameras over the course of a few days at the camp. I asked them to take pictures of things that were important to them, family, friends and the place that they slept. These are intimate images of family life, trying to hold onto a sense of 'home' in a place none of them want to be.