I sit at the confluence between painting, drawing, video and performance installation, letting them mingle and intertwine. I am interested in how to document the essence of something, of what is felt, or embodied within a person or a place. My practice, while sitting between mediums, follows an ongoing conceptual and personal inquiry into liminality; a state of being in-between. I am interested in the ‘journey’ as a performative methodology, in the eternal process of becoming, the meandering volatile and nomadic identity, and the act of tracing sensory or embodied experience through mark making. 

My works are journeys and maps. These journeys take place through physical space, imagined space and across the body. These maps are of captured stories, embodied feelings, dreams, memories, desires and fantasies of those that inhabit, or pass through those spaces and bodies. 

I am attempting to find harmony within chaos, to find and explore something human, to create something visceral, magical and real.