My work sits at the confluence between painting, drawing, video and installation, letting them mingle and intertwine. My primary practice is painting, which is informed by an ongoing research project (“Unmapping”) exploring the embodied relation between places and lived experience through the lens of subjectivity, memory and the imagination. I am interested in how material and performative processes can be used to capture the subjective, intimate and unexplainable elements of experiences of being, or imagining being in a place, and then using these processes to create visceral, colourful and sensory-rich works of art. Painting is an essential part of my being, a painting to me is not only an image but a physical material object, which embodies traces of its process of production. Through painting, I am the cartographer of a journey through an internal or perhaps imagined landscape. I build translucent layers, using varnish and oil paint, such that could represent layers of history or the overlapping layers of different realities that exist in a physical landscape. If you are interested to purchase a work or would like to arrange a studio visit in Catford, South East London, please do not hesitate to get in touch or check my webshop.